Adventurous art by Viviane Rose.
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When clock-time overrules the real (feeling of) time...
When we start to believe in rules and only in one way we've learned looking at time...

During the expo at Pop-up gallery of Vechtdalkunsten in Ommen, nov.-dec. 2017 I made this installation. At the opening I recited a poem about my experiences with clock-time and my own feeling of time.
During the exposition I let nature take over, grow over the clocks and watches.

In the window part of the gallery I put my old stroller I got as a gift in Guayaquil in Ecuador from my host and painted it white.
Gave it a place en made white tracks under the wheels where you can read the places it has been to. Ending in Ommen.
Above B&W photos I have made of my daughter, back in The Netherlands.

made in
: Ommen, The Netherlands (and the past travels made into the present) 
#installation #installationart #storyart #clockart #travelart #photography #photoart

When the muse vomits (it's Christmas)

120 euro
excl. shipping costs and print
incl. Viv signature

Sometimes you are someones muse apparently but sometimes you are ill as well... at the same time...

made in
: Ommen, The Netherlands
#phonephotoart #museart #storyart

OH 3

80 euro
excl. shipping costs
the male underwear as shown in the photo, a Viv signature & the story hand-written on paper (in Dutch or English)

I had great love adventures in the past. This male underwear tells one quite unique adventure and is for sell now. The explicit story will be included! Oh my!

worn in
: Graz, Austria
#travelart #loveart #storyart

Staying and going nowhere

175 euro
excl. shipping costs and print/dibond costs 40 x 40 cm
incl. Viv signature

I feel lost sometimes in having so much freedom, so many possible choices.

made in
: Fonavi and Pimentel, Peru
#travelart #photoart

Peruvian political (election) shirt

15 euro
excl. shipping costs
incl. Viv signature

Read the Short travel story #2 “Vote for me!”? Got this shirt while walking in this party’s election parade. Never worn, but if it makes you feel good I’ll wear it one night in bed…

'made in': Fonavi, Peru

#travelart #politicalart



GIVEN to the man in/of my life at that time

Read the Short travel story #3 The-vaseline-love-adventure? The jar with the dent still intact!

'made in': brought from the Netherlands overseas to Ecuador and last used in Peru

#travelart #loveart




Dreams end way too fast...

made in: Chiclayo (Peru) and surroundings
all photos made by Viviane Rose herself
#loveart #photoart


  1. cool and nice to pass by now and than and so go some little steps together in your (travelling)life!! grts luk paard

    1. ThanX Luk Paard! You are welcome to pass by whenever you like! Life is still going strong and traveling will stay a part of that life.
      "Dance through life"...
      Hug, Viv