When people ask me where I'm from, I usually answer: “from my mothers womb”. I never lie! Well, only when I say I am from this planet, because actually I am from Planet X (after planet W and before planet Y), right turn Milky Way.

I’m not a nationalist, interested in possessions and do not need my own home to feel at home. For also these reasons I gave up everything in The Netherlands (I confess) on the first of June 2012. Officially homeless, without tax number, address or insurance's I started to travel with one big backpack. I hitchhiked the first seven months through Europe working in cities such as Berlin, Prague, Graz and Istanbul.
My way of living was: no plans, only ideas. Where the wind took me: sometimes there was no wind, sometimes it blew me away. Then I went for three months to Brazil. After that back to the Netherlands. Had a baby. Yes, you read it correct.

When she was five months I traveled to Ecuador with her and later to Peru. Only a short week we also were in Chile and in Brazil. After 16 months I decided to go back to the Netherlands. The experience was unbelievable! Though I got tired of all the changes and the decisions I had to make for two. For now we both are ready for more privacy and stability.

This doesn't mean my adventures end. No way, but in a different form I will find my way of living and doing things.

I focus on the most important, tough, full-time and fun 'job' of all: being a mother to my child, but also starting to make art again, being a speaker at events and such.Check here my art 

Do not bring me flowers that die, bring me to a field of flowers.'

INSTAGRAM (photography)
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VECHTDALKUNSTEN (my artist-member page)

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