Doing the toughest, greatest and most important work ever: being a full-time mother, and doing it alone. :)

...but also starting to make conceptual/performance/photo art again, being speaker at events and such. Subjects have been and can be about: vegan parenting, vegan traveling, animal rights activism within the arts and for children to get inspired looking (different) at (fine) art.

My passion for photography, especially black and white, but also color can be seen on: LINK to Instagram

AGENDA 2018:

AGENDA: Kunstroute Ommen 2018, 25-26 August• August 25-26, Kunstroute Ommen, Vechtdalkunsten Ommen, NL. My conceptual-photographic work Undream will be shown here for the first time.
October 27th (Saturday) 2018, 14:00 & 16:00, VegFest, Zaal 110, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, NL. Lecture, two topics: Vegan parenting (14:00) and Animal activism and awareness through (fine) arts (16:00).
The lectures will be held in Dutch.
- Vegan parenting will be about my own experiences and reasons raising my daughter vegan, giving some tips, but also some other examples of vegan parenting will pass by.
- Diverse art forms have and are being used to make people aware or start the discussion on what is happening to animals. I will mostly speak about examples in the fine arts. 

• From Feb.-end of March, Two poems in the window-gallery of Vechtdalkunsten Ommen, Kerkstraat, Ommen, NL.
• March 10th 2018, VeggieWorld Utrecht, NL.

Lecture: The Vegan Traveler
(/Traveling as a vegan). With tips and stories, to get your travels started.


• Nov. - Dec. 2017, Pop-up galerie Ommen, Vechtdalkunsten, Ommen, NL
Group exposition. My work: conceptual, photography, installation, poetry.  

October 28th 2017, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, NL. Lecture about Vegan parenting. About my own experiences and reasons raising my daughter vegan.

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