15 sep. 2016

Happiness is also luck reliant*

The good things in the bad days

Think about the positive, the good things in your life.

When life is all but easy on and for me, people seem to think I automatically drown myself in misery. Well, I think people like to generalize that with anyone.

All people go through shit, but not all go through it the same way. I thought we knew that by now.

Compared to someone in a war zone I am of course doing great, but that knowledge doesn’t make me smile at all. I do not become happy over others peoples misery and now it comes: yes, I enjoy, appreciate really what I got too.

I know, I know. People like to try to cheer you up and even sometimes try to avoid thinking of any negativity themselves. Kind and understandable. However, by drowning you in flowery words they think you and they will be better off.

But wow, how I feel when not only someone is understanding but am allowed to say I feel terrible, maybe even cry. The faster I feel good.
Why? Well, being allowed to feel, be me, to live, makes me happy. Even if feeling shit is part of that.

Yes, I am every single morning happy when I see that wonderful face of my daughter waking up next to me. I just felt so grateful and luxurious having a small but good house. (My daughter is to the Toddler school and I am relaxing on bed with a graincoffee.)
Even if I am tired, physically I am not doing bad. I can finally eat things with hazelnuts in it again. I am becoming less allergic. Sorry all you spiritual people, who think that one can totally control allergies and such with positive thinking. If so, wouldn’t you think it gotten worse by now and not better in these hard months?

Those who know me, know I try. We are all but perfect and don’t defend your own luck as if you totally are in control of your life. Not even happiness you can always and totally control. You can do your best, can stimulate it, but we do not live alone in this world and body and mind not always interact in a way we want to

I do smile and am not blind… so, let me also be miserable and live the life as it comes to me now and as I try to live it my best.

*Happiness is not only luck reliant of course. Also character reliant and also what you choose to do in life, fight for and go for. I just want to make a statement. Happiness and unhappiness are not opposites in how they exists. They are connected... if you like it or not.

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