6 mrt. 2016

I walked in a forest . . .

What if we walked through a forest with a history of lives taken by war, calling them soldiers and forget they used to be all children once, and we turn this history a 180 degrees and choose other stories to experience.

Loved ones for a first time holding hands, a first kiss, a unborn kicking in the womb, children playing joyfully, loners getting the best ideas to change the world to something better, people walking kilometers and kilometers having all the same different adventures . . . what if?

Pain can’t be forgotten, how hard we try, and we shouldn’t, but shouldn’t this also be the case for all that is beautiful and great as well?
One minute silence yearly to remember all that is so good and beautiful.
To build monuments that remember us of the happiness, love, empathy . . .

. . . A thought I had today and then I climbed stairs with my daughter, up and down, up and down like it is nothing to us and we smiled, enjoying going nowhere but the here and now.

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