5 okt. 2014

Short travel story #3 - The-vaseline-love-adventure

October 2014, Chiclayo, Peru

What has lip-vaseline, the believe every European has anal sex, walking in the dark with my baby-girl, my host helping me with my bags, being in a cheap hotel has to do with one another?! ... A lot!

Before you start forming a weird story in your head, the true one isn’t going to be less weird I promise.

The dark, the cold, I breath in what I still love so much: the night. 
He’s next to me, pushing the stroller with my big backpack in it. I carry my baby-girl. It’s around her bedtime, she's tired, but this sudden change keeps her awake. “Love, look! The moon.” I point three times before she looks in the right direction.

My host and I are both worried and exited at the same time. I can’t help laughing a bit. I never seem adventure free. He says his life was boring before he met me. Making me doubt if that’s a good or a bad thing.

While we’re waiting to take the combi-taxi, we hear loud music heading our way. “Hee, that’s my party!”, he says. The pickup truck comes in view. What a coincidence!
We wave to make them stop. The possible future mayor steps out. He looks tired of campaigning. What a lack of sleep, bad food and too many cigarettes does to one...

My worried look makes him say he will not smoke. They put my stuff in the back, I guess that includes my host, for inside there’s only space left for me and my girl. I can hardly distinguish the faces in the car.
I can’t hear or see if my host has hopped on. I imagine him proud and free, but holding on as best as he can for the big speakers take up most of the space.

We still have to walk a bit before arriving at the hotel. Let's call the room mainly plain and a bit shabby. The big bed gives me the hope my girl will sleep and the wish he would stay.

I give him a kiss. He responds! I immediately get so very aroused that it even shocks me. Adventures and a good looking guy does the trick I guess. He says he’s all but aroused when I tell him I am, too tired and worried as he is.
There goes the last of my positivity. I suddenly feel the last of my energy leaving me and just drown myself in acceptance. Well, at least my host got me discount on the room. That was the least he could do after giving me a broken heart.

The morning after starts good with a walk along the beach, a fresh juice, her crawling in the small park and him contacting me with the positive news: a place to stay for at least a week!
He’s happy, and I can’t help still feeling sad. Lost a lot on the way to here. Finally!, I thought: love, happiness and a place where I want to stay longer.

Now in short the embarrassing, painful, yet in a way funny, morning before:

I am woken in the middle of a bad dream to find the real world not much better. She’s angry, not loud but I hear her clearly discussing with her son, my host, my: I-would-love-him-to-be-my-love.
She found vaseline on the table. She thinks I left it on purpose there for her to find, to make her believe me and my host had anal sex. ... I wish! (COME ON! LET ME MAKE FUN OF IT!)

Apparently she knows a lot about it. Telling her it’s lip vaseline*, like it says on top of the jar, isn’t convincing her. He even shows her a website with information what vaseline can be used for. Also lips. So oral sex! (AAHHH! COME ON! LET ME AT LEAST…)

We’re all angry now. One happy family!

Her way of using religion, of being narrow-minded and her own decision not allowing any love in her life, has harmed all three of us. 
Still I don't regret being open about my feelings towards her son, even if she didn't accept them from the start. There's nothing wrong with love, though many fight against it and accept violence. Weird world this is. If love is a bad thing, I’m a proud badass.

So, I can't delay leaving with one more day. After not finding a place for free this fast, after especially him doing his utmost best, I leave to the hotel and end up listening to the most beautiful love of my life: the breathing of my sleeping baby-girl. 

* Want to become owner of this vaseline-lip jar? ...his anger made him hit the jar and left a dent on the lid... so you have an original... Check the Viv travel-art-shop.

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