29 dec. 2013

Too lazy, for I'm too busy

Only three weeks from now I will fly with my baby-girl to Ecuador. So preparing for what will be our creative adventurous life together. 
Yes, it’s exiting, even scary sometimes, but hee, staying would scare the shit out of me!

Preparing also brought me to some travel blogs. I must say, it does inspire!
So I read and looked at some of these blogs. Great adventures! Beautiful photos! Perfectly written and designed blogs! It made me realize… MY BLOG SUCKS! 

I’m truly impressed how people prepare their travels, even can live from their blogs! But I feel I can be much more open and intimate by writing further on that book in novel-style I've started. It's way too private to post it in a blog. Or tell my stories at a campfire. 

This blog of mine will never become famous or perfectly designed. I confess, I’m just way too lazy for that... and too busy with other things. Guess I also had it with making any effort, in promoting things. Maybe having my own business as an artist, that failed, has made me tired doing such things. Or I was tired during, that's why it failed. Anyway...

I just want to feel the wind going through my hair again.

So this blog-site of mine, well, don’t expect too much of it, but still who knows... and it's not that bad... AH, COME ON!

Now back to my baby.

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  1. Hi!!!
    Ook al is je baby nu al wat ouder: als nog gefeliciteerd! Heb je weldegelijk gevolgd. kHeb niet zo goed al je motieven/drijfveren in de gaten, maar begrijp dat de onrust, de noodzaak erop uit te trekken nog steeds groot(s) is. Dat veel goeds op jullie pad moge komen! Rob G