18 apr. 2013

My inside adventure!

Today I had my third echo. Watch the photos and video links beneath. She, yes it is 99% certain a she now, human too, looks totally healthy and I really feel her kicking a lot since a couple of days now and today during the echo even more. Even the woman who did the echo could feel her.

Oh yeah, I just do not understand the question: are you thinking of breastfeeding her? HELL YEAH! It makes me think why people want children in the first place? To become director over nature? Typical humans... scared of their own beautiful instincts and given body. Women breasts are made for it. And the woman of the echo is not talking if I CAN give breast milk, there are some exceptions of course... but come on women?!
I think it is totally cool my breasts are getting a double function. ;)

There are several times a day I am surprised of the fact I am pregnant. I can still hardly believe it! It is weird, sometimes it feels like it is not me, it should not happen to me, but more often it feels like a new adventure I am very curious about. 
I know most people would now describe me as a becoming mom, but my own feeling is: I am a becoming caretaker and her first friend... hopefully best friend... :P

First full echo, when she was 14 weeks and 7 cm long LINK
Second full echo, today, when she was more then 22 weeks and about 28 cm long LINK


5 opmerkingen:

  1. Viviane!!! I am so excited for you :)
    Hope to meet her one day...

    Love from the Hague,


    1. Thank you luv!
      Well there is a change I will come to The Hague again before I leave The Netherlands...

      Hope you are doing great! Kisses, Viv

  2. Hi Viviane :-)

    Wat fijn om te lezen dat het goed gaat met je meisje en met jou natuurlijk ;-)
    Wanneer ben je uitgerekend ?

    Take care & hold on to your OWN ( beautiful) feeling !
    XX Esther

    1. Aloha Esther, I am due 20 of August. Thanks, I will. And you keep rocking it. :) Ciao, Viv

  3. dat gaat een kick ass meisje worden.proficat Viviane.