27 apr. 2013

Mind and body maintenance

Sitting in the waiting space of the research company, I take one of their magazines from the table. The cover is too glossy. Still that year of Graphic Design is affecting my first reaction on a magazine. I try to find an interesting research project to read about. Next page. No, next. Maybe next? No, also not interesting. My thoughts go fast and in no random order. I think I have pregnancy-ADHD.

Do we need those changes? Shall I eat something now? People just like to develop, without thinking if it really develops the way we live. What are those people talking about, hmm, he seems to be interested in how the security system works. We are standing further and further away from our being, our emotions, our instincts.
Do we really need those changes?

I look at the screen behind me. It is showing a bad animation about an app for children to scan what they want to buy, to know if it is better, less calories and so on. Complimenting them when the choice they make is a more healthy one. We are fucked up! Instead of changing the industry, our way of thinking, our habits, we have to condition our children now (when they are already old and conditioned so much by then), instead of thinking how to prevent these problems
Well, researchers need something to do, I guess. I understand the excitement of discovering new ideas, new methods, new products and all, but you would think that logic thinking would be involved. That is to say: also thinking about the necessity of putting something into action.
I just do not really believe it will work, at least not enough. Why do we lose so much trust in a more basic life, that is more full of contact with people, nature, basic needs like (healthy) food, movement, music and so on. The real living deal. That kind of place is where I would want to bring up my child.

If research makes us more respectful towards each other, life itself, nature, then I want to be a part of it, for the rest? Why do we keep on believing that having more apps, more stuff makes us happier? Maybe because nature is loosing space, we forget the smell of it? For me, the less I have the more rich I feel in my mind.

But now I am distracted. A man fresh in suit and appearance, comes my direction and sits down in the chair next to me. He really feels revived from the weather and tells me so. I have to admit to him I like the sun, but the heat makes me tired, also my allergies are kicking in big time now. I say something about Brazil, the weather, and remember I am in the very low cut dress I bought there. My milky breast popping up, my belly in her full glory. It is half covered by a vest I am wearing. I feel not quite comfortable without it, I must confess. So I also wear it to not shock the Dutch people, who are more prudish and judgmental then they want to believe themselves to be. But even with the vest I stay conspicuous in this business area anyway.
He seems curious about the whole of me and listens to me with a gentleman look and interest in his eyes. PING! Ping! Ping, ping, ping... He already got himself a lot of points!

A women, who is his appointment or takes him there, arrives. They say hello, we say goodbye. Too bad, the conversation was just about to start. When he passes the glass door he turns his head just to look at me. Our eyes meet and then he is gone.

Almost six months... yes, six months! My body could use some natural boost. No pills, no apps to revive me, just a nice guy and some good loving body maintenance. I will not force it, research the why's and how's, conquer a man like I used to. (It was fun then.) I will let him come naturally. 

(And yes, you may smile at that last sentence, I did. ;))

I think we need some music now... so here is my latest favorite song discovery

I like to interprete a song my way sometimes. The 'I' is me and the 'she' is my little one:

She's up all night 'til the sun
I'm up all night to get some
She's up all night for good fun
I'm up all night to get lucky

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