18 mrt. 2013

Storms from within

The hunting storm

The high buildings at night
Finally surrounded by sleeping cars
Lets a sigh through my lips, kissing the wind
The city caresses back
Without tongues touching to take it passed skin-deep

Every time I am getting a life, I leave

A storm in my own house
Uncovers the instincts in me
Scaring the hell out of rules

The refreshing progress of awakening

The layers of humans are everywhere
And always that dirty rotten hidden one
You could have that love of your life
Sending coordinations into your head to Viv-land
In the end he was just sending me 'distance between us'

A storm in my own house
Makes no other time but my own
So I give it that place on the life-map

I say goodbye to new loved ones
And jobs I successfully make my own
Just to go before the time makes memories I do not want to make

The wind is growing into a storm again

Feeling that freedom will hunt me down as soon as I would deny her
In all the things others believe they have to say about my way
They try to have their ways justified, when there is only one way: your way

The storm leaves a smile
That frees my face alive


Doubting days

Doubt doesn't diminish in the weeks passing
It gains weight

Keeping the mess outside
Seems to lock me in
Running between four walls
I see fading freedom

This beauty, for it is
- I even smiled to it -
Is like a movie scene
Out of my life
But I play the leading role
Pretending I know the script
While being directed
By the law of my female body

And love is all I need to give
Love is all I have
So I will be fine

So I will be fine
On repeat
Beats up
My mind

Like the wrong body carries
One else's beautiful truth


Let the best fool win

It comes
Even through
Gutters of my mind

Making me make
Same mistakes
Over and over
On repeat

Dear future:
Hopefully fools win
In the end of something

In the believe
Every situation
Every past
Changes something
And that that something
Could be me

Stupid stubborn me
Holding on

. . .
. . .

My brick bones
My cement licks
Building a new love fall

This unbelievable believe
Without ending it seems
Give it a name:
Delusory hopes?
With love fools like me
Who can foretell?

I feel like giving up on hope
To bruise myself no more

In the end of something
Hopefully fools win

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