18 feb. 2013

Niamh Severine ten Dam

Would really have loved to write you a story, but due to my pregnancy and the low blood pressure it causes I have not the energy to write a story, to focus.
My life at the moment is swimming, finding vegan food in Sao Paulo, meeting some people, finding a job, starting this week and resting. 

Niamh is an Irish name, pronounced as Neve and means bright.
Severine is a French name and means stern.

The full echo was last Thursday and it is for 80% sure it is a girl like I thought. She and I are healthy. My heartbeat is low in rest, under 60, but it just means I still have that sport... dancing heart. :)

Now some photos of the little one, also in 3D. She was at the last, full, echo, after a while sleeping, and the doctor pushing my belly did not make her wake up, so had to eat and drink something sweet to wake her up, and wait a while. It worked, she woke up, turned and we could see more. 

Video of the first echo (read the description under the video on YouTube): LINK to video

I saw her open and close her mouth.

You can see here it is a girl. Otherwise she would also had a thingy going little bit up.

Her full length, during the echo, was 7 cm. :)
Here you see her spine.

Me in my new dresses and with my more then 12 weeks belly. This Tuesday 14 weeks.

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  1. Leuk dat je het hier op heb gezet. Ik heb je gehele echo-video gezien. Liefs, joke.