1 dec. 2012

In your world we came

Bite the lumbs of sugar
Taste on your tongue
A piece of earths sweetness
Swallowed with çay leaves water

Bite the soft lips of mine
Taste on your tongue
A part of earths warmth 
Swallowed with Istanbul night life


Go up
The stairs
Passing love making sounds
I follow 
Your leading hands
You unlock 
The door 
And open up
To me

We are

In the ugly hotel room
Contradicting in our embrace
The darkness of you
Contradicts in my embrace
The light of me
Contradicts in your embrace

We are even

Name it
Try all your tryings
Struggle with the fight
Deny the taste

From your tongue
The word will not leave
Though you hold it
You went deep 
Into me
My love

In your world
We came 
To be

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