Friday, November 30, 2012

In your world we came

Bite the lumbs of sugar
Taste on your tongue
A piece of earths sweetness
Swallowed with ├žay leaves water

Bite the soft lips of mine
Taste on your tongue
A part of earths warmth 
Swallowed with Istanbul night life


Go up
The stairs
Passing love making sounds
I follow 
Your leading hands
You unlock 
The door 
And open up
To me

We are

In the ugly hotel room
Contradicting in our embrace
The darkness of you
Contradicts in my embrace
The light of me
Contradicts in your embrace

We are even

Name it
Try all your tryings
Struggle with the fight
Deny the taste

From your tongue
The word will not leave
Though you hold it
You went deep 
Into me
My love

In your world
We came 
To be

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The drift

Understand where I stand
Me here you there
Walking with the moon light
With my fellow dogs
Away from smoke
Going up with the men
The Turkish ones hunt me
Passing country borders
Drifting from where I stood
To the arms of our past

Understand where I stand

You here me there
You are loving 
But her
Beyond my reach
Keeps my head 
Crossing the border

My blood embraces 
The white moon trying
To catch the white star 

That I am standing
Where I am going
On for for ever

Without goodbyes
Towards no beginnings

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hunting love

Fool religion
Fool yourself
You can not fool me

Hunt love
Down into the deep
Find natures root
Pushing through all your trying
The pray now hunts you
Killing you 
Trials for survival 
Your being

Deny the air
You breathed me
One night in a lifetime
It puts wrong promises back
Back on to the right track
Hope I broke you
Open up to me
It is time 
Let the dirt seep out
Showing basic layer
Yours shine
Did you not see my eyes?
Light up

Let the darkness
Be its own mistake

I know
Love is hunting you
You can not fool
Anyone but yourself

Breath again