23 jul. 2012

Head above water

Laps one
I am alone

Laps two
I am aware I am not alone

Laps three
I am with the buildings, the hills and the sky

Laps four
I am with him

Laps five
He is still in my head

Laps six
Even in my fantasy

Laps seven
He is looking at me

Laps eight
Actually he is not

Laps nine
He is always in my head

Laps ten
I forgive myself my fantasies

Laps eleven
I let him see me

Laps twelve
I let him touch me

Laps thirteen
While I swim I look at him looking at me

Laps fourteen
I should stop these thoughts

Laps fifteen
I should let go

Laps sixteen
I am aware the process of goodbye takes time

Laps seventeen
This is important

Laps eighteen
Feeling happy I am going somewhere

Laps nineteen
Feeling so sad about it at the same time

Laps twenty
I feel the water touching my skin

Laps twenty one
I feel my body`s sadness

Laps twenty two
I feel my body`s strength

Laps twenty three
He will be always there and never

Laps twenty four
I am almost there

Laps twenty five
I should get out and go on

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